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Facts on Att Uverse Modem You Need to Know

U-verse as popularly called is actually Att Uverse Modem (AT&T U-verse Modem) a brand of AT&T of triple play telecommunications covering 21 states of the United State. The AT&T U-verse was first launched in June 26, 2016. The U-verse started out with FTTP, VDSL, and ADSL communication protocols.

The broadband of the Att Uverse Modem include broadband internet, IP telephone and IPTV according to Wikipedia and covers 21 AT&T states in US. One of the benefits of the U-verse in the 21 states in United states include the bunding of wireless, and direcTV services.

Some of the AT&T broadband common and confused question includes what AT&T U-verse is all about, what type of internet connection U-verse is, and is AT&T U-verse DSL which is what this post will address how to make use of your own personal router AT&T U-verse in our next publication on AT&T U-verse modem.

att uverse modem

What is AT&T U-verse Modem (Att Uverse Modem)?

AT&T U-verse is a telephone service which has U-verse internet, DirecTV, and VoIP based phone services as part of its component. The Att Uverse Modem can be arranged together or in a separate manner. Meanwhile, the U-verse modem service is not available in all areas of AT&T’s service.

The June 26, 2006 launched AT&T Uverse Modem currently available in 21 states in United State. Before you can enjoy the AT&T U-verse router IP service in your area, you first need to search whether the service is available, place an order and wait for confirmation.

The AT&T U-verse modem is based on latest technology development called internet protocol television (IPTV) which is used to deliver TV service by AT&T. As claimed  by AT&T, the U-verse modem is the only known service provider that offers 100% IP based TV.

What the AT&T U-verse modem is saying is that your entire home electronics such as TV, computer, home phone and wireless devices can be connected to work together to give a more meaningful user experience with total control of the integrated devices.

Is AT&T U-verse  Modem DSL?

The first thing you need to know about U-verse modem is that the service offers its subscribers two options to enable them to access the internet based on preference, which are the AT&T U-verse internet and AT&T DSL. With that, you have an idea that DSL is actually not the same as ATT U-verse modem. Meanwhile, the two services give high internet speed connection but they don’t give the same speed at the same interval, the speed is offer according to customers need.

For transfer of large files on AT&T U-verse modem, one is more suitable than the other. The options in both AT&T DSL and AT&T U-verse modem is rendered account to service needed. One is mainly for personal while the other is for businesses, must especially for robust communication package and entertainment package.

The difference between AT&T U-verse modem and AT&T DSL needs a considerable attention before you take a final decision on which of the service you should go for.

AT&T U-verse modem internet speed deliver above 24Mbps download rate and 45Mbps and 75Mbps speed tiers while the DSL offers basics services to its customers. And some of the AT&T U-verse modem features enjoyed by DSL subscribers include dedicated lines to the DSL gateway, multiple speed options, and AT&T DSL Direct.

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