Few weeks ago, ATM machine seized my ATM card from a friend and it was perforated after 24 hours. Perforation rendered any ATM card that is being seized by ATM machine invalid.

Around mid last month, my GTbank ATM card was seized by Diamond bank ATM machine from a friend after her working her. She did call me and I was like, chill, we will handle that tomorrow but believe me the ATM card was perforated before we knew it and it was rendered useless.

ATM Card

I got furious because of the perforation but I shouldn’t have waited until after 24 hours before going to the bank as the prime owner of the ATM.

Inability to provide the prime owner of the ATM card that was seized by machine auto-warrant my ATM card to be perforated for security purpose. In other not to fall into my shoe, I’m am sharing with you what I was supposed to do when I was called that my ATM got seized into the ATM machine where my friend went to use it.

1.  If you are not the one (Prime owner) using the ATM card when it was seized, tell the victim not to go into the bank and complain rather you should go yourself.

2. Make sure you call for your ATM at the bank before 24 hours

If you do these, you ATM card will be safe and will not be perforated, otherwise that might be the end of your ATM even if the expiring date is 50 years to come.