Another Hand review on Asus Vivo Note Tab 8 is what we are considering again today. Asus Tab itself worth playing around with, but here we are narrowing our review strictly down to Asus Vivo Note Tab 8 with undeniable feature that will always make you see the Tab as the best Asus Smartphone like gadget without SIM and that may likely replace your laptop.

We just hand pick this Asus Vivo Note Tab 8 just to play around it this weekend to make our weekend a better one. This new gadget is the best of the Asus Tab to me that come under review this week.

Asus Vivo Note is just 8-inch device; it doesn’t really fit perfectly into pocket though except you just have to get a bag pack for it. The device is not rectangular in shape as it can be seen from it physical appearance that is edges appears curvilinear in nature.

Over the time I have been playing around this Asus Vivo Note Tab 8 ,with the device 2GB RAM, the device performance is super fast; but might be a little bit difficult to use for game addict because of lack of keyboard except if you can endeavor to use the wacom stylus pen or the on screen keyboard, but for lover of multi-task device, Asus Vivo Note Tab 8  can be right for you.

Like I always like first impression when I ready to buy a gadget, same thing happens when we went for the device; obviously the device runs on Windows 8.1 OS full version, woow… I think I really love this and this makes the first time I’ll be playing around with a PC tab that runs Windows 8 OS.

The device which feature 2GB RAM alongside 32GB internal storage and support up to 64GB solid state and 128GB microSD is powered by 1.3GHz

To be candid, what we can say about this our new Asus Vivo Note Tab 8 is limited as we have to play around with this gadget for few days before we finally bring to you the full hand review of this gadget and it performance. The device feature 3580mAh battery capacity which we believe to be rough and tough for an average internet geek.

Asus Vivo Note Tab 8 features both primary and secondary camera, the device feature a professional wacom stylus pen which save my time from typing directly on the device using my finger. The device which is keyboard free possess just only three button, the power button, the volume button and the windows button just above the memory.

The device which features a non-removable battery can last for hours while connected to the internet but for an average user it can last for days.

One good thing about the Asus Vivo Note Tab 8 is that, is likely to spend days with it battery since it does not make use of SIM card and as such, it’s wise to leverages it battery life to a normal Tab without SIM card.

In short, the full hand review of this great Asus Vivo Note Tab 8 will come short while after now and that will be after will have make ourselves familiar with it and see how durable it is but from what we have experienced with this device so far, it is really great and worth using.