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How To Appear Anonymous On Facebook

Just of recent I was with a friend who was nagging that his Facebook account usually got blocked all in the name of trial to appear anonymous on Facebook using proxy servers and what struck my mind was; why on earth would you hide your identity for someone who already know you or from someone you are planning to hang out with but, sometimes truth is a bitter truth so I decided to kept mute since I don’t care to know the reason why Facebook choose to blocked his account.

But, he insinuated that he loves privacy and that was why many at times, he choose anonymousity over appearance and I chuckled, since I was not even interested in the reason why he choose that then I decided to work on how to make life easy for him but all to no avail until I finally landed on the new Facebook room app and this post is what really freed from nagging and as well give me peace of mind because I just hate nagging most especially on what is not that necessary. So in this post, you will be acquainted with the new Facebook privacy status issue.

With the new Facebook Rooms app, you can tailored around with the level of your account privacy on Facebook where all your information would not be necessarily need to display or introducing yourself to a new friend you just met on Facebook.

The new Facebook Room app looks like a close copy of 2go room, where your real name would not be displayed rather your chosen nickname. The new Facebook Room app is virtual meeting venue where you can easily create a topic while adopting a self created username that is even differ from your Facebook username. You can just create any username that suites your need such as “prestige” etc. And whenever you enter into the room, you will be referred by the nickname adopted instead of your official Facebook name.

Facebook Room App

The app keeps everything about you completely anonymous starting from your contact, personal identification etc. The huge different between Facebook room app and 2go room is that room user can customize their room wall paper just like Yahoo mail. Some other thing you can do on Facebook room app include choosing a preferable icon, uploading videos, sharing pictures, and as well the use of text where you can view them in series by strolling down.

After you have created your room, definitely you will need couple of friends to keep the room lively, then you will have to invite them to your room which is usually inform of QR code which can be shared through email, print of paper, the social media with a colour background.

The Facebook Room app is currently available for iOS users as at this moment, and hopefully Android should be the next line of action, so Android user, just be on the lookout and don’t be in a haste. Have you ever appear anonymous on Facebook with proxy server?

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