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8 Best Android Wear Apps You Need To Have

Android wear watches are now in full force available, with just the highly anticipated Moto 360 finally being in the consumer’s hand and other manufacturers are just announcing another one on a daily basis such as LG G watch R. With the introduction of new products, producers have taken the microscopic look into the OS, and then decide to release an app that is well compatible with such OS.

And now that we love testing new thing as to which is the best and best that we can go for, we shall be considering top 10 Android wear apps for Android Users. The truth of the matter is that Google play-store is filled with all sorts of Android wear apps, and here in this post are the top 10 you can just make do with.


Wear Mini Launcher  

Wear mini launcher help by adding to your device wearable as if you have one already. By default, Android wear open an app with the use of voice control or by simply strolling down the list and find the desirable app and then click to open or launch it.

Find My Phone Android Wear  

If you are damn too careless about forgetting things often like your mobile phone without taking a quick notice on time or most of the time, then you have found the very best way to make sure not to forget it again. With the help of find my phone Android wear, that might probably be the end. Find my phone; your Android wear will get your phone vibrated when you are few minutes far away from your phone depending on your settings or how you personalized your phone to responds to any action and can as well be customized to trip off automatically if stolen.

Wear Apps Tracker 

Wear apps tracker is a two in one app that notifies you when a new app is installed and when loading the app in the same wise. Normally, when you install a new app, you will get a notification that new app has been installed, but in the case of wear apps tracker, you will also be notified when the apps is loading as well.

Android Wear Love 

If you are familiar with pattern look on your phone, definitely you will easily comprehend with Android wear lock while using it. The app doesn’t have a personal lock screen but most often that necessary, it help fast forward the rate at which your phone lock screen work and it can in the same sense be personalized to an unlock sequence just as a close substitute to the one you already have on your phone.

Calender For Android Wear  

No need to start using the voice prompt calendar any more. With calendar for Android wear, you just get a compact calendar that is user friendly and easy to look at right on your wear. Details on your daily, weekly and monthly view are just there for you with a free monthly views as well as detail of all your viewable agenda

Calc Android Wear

Just as the name sounds “Calc”, it’s just a calculator on your wrist watch and what else do you need to know about calculator that you won’t find on this Android wear? Definitely none! This Android wear calculates almost what a non-scientific calculator can calculate without any itch or headache as the user.

Attopedia For Androidd Wear

The name just sounds like Wikipedia to my hearing and what about you? When it comes to real info, getting more from Wikipedia is just a tip of iceberg. Wikipedia offer a very rich information and if you need a handy way to have the right answer to a question or right information, then Attopedia is Android Wear app you need to take a close look.

Wear Camera Remote  

If you are a photo addict, then you just need to start with wear camera remote. Wear camera remote gives you simple sense of controlling your phone camera from an Android wear device. To be frank about what I love about wear camera remote is the time consciousness feature. You can just time your photo shot and it’ll just be perfect.

Do you have any other recommended Android wear app? You can share it using the comment section so that we can easily update the post to suite your better

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