FaceTime Apple video calling app is irreplaceable for Apple users. FaceTime is indeed a great app for video call but quite unfortunate, Android users does not have the privilege to use FaceTime on their Android devices.

It is quite obvious that we love to go by what the technology is dictating. Moving over voice call to Video call on mobile is one of the interesting features of the recent technology development. The time of Skype seems to have lapsed for those that loves the app, either on Phone or on PC.

Nonetheless, there are some apps, I have spent my time with in the past video month for video calling on my Android that are doing pretty good. And for those that are very much familiar with Apple FaceTime calling app, they too will know that Android users need to have a taste of Android video calling app.

And for this reason, this post will reasonable share with you the best known Android apps for video calling instead of voice alone.

Best Known Android Apps For Video Calling

Below are the top 5 and most used video calling app for Android users. There are in no way competing with FaceTime though, but they really worth trying.

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