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Best Android Screen Rotation From Google Play Store For Android Devices

Android screen rotation feature is one of the most viable features that give Android an egregious difference from non Android devices. Android on screen rotation let you view your Android device in promising dimension of your choice. It does not matter your position as long as the on screen rotation feature is on, you will be able to view whatever you are viewing at your own convenience and that really sound stupefying indeed.

Once this feature is enabled on your device, the device in-built proximity sensor will hence forth auto-detect the position your turn your device to and rotate the screen to suit your need.

The Android on screen rotation feature is available virtually throughout your device interface except in the menu and home screen. The proximity sensor turns your images, music, camera, video, game (mostly) etc either in the vertical or horizontal direction depending on your position but tentatively, it turns all games from vertical position to horizontal. And how do you feel when this feature suddenly stopped working from your end even when you enable the on screen rotation?

For the love you have for your beautiful Android device, you would love to work up to either the sales shop where you purchase the phone if the warranted provided for the device still valid or walk into a repairers’ shop to help fix your Android screen rotation but why on earth do you need to squander your hard earned money on what can be fixed with just a prosaic application that won’t take anything away from your purse?


In this post, I will share with you three (3) awesome apps that would make your Android screen rotation possible again if it has stopped working without any remedy and to give you headache free on your device on screen rotation.

Rotation Lock Adaptive 

Adaptive Android on screen rotation app is a smart app with few global rotation modes such as portrait, landscape, reverse portrait, reverse landscape and adaptive lock. These first four options work accordingly when chosen unlike the adaptive mode. When you select adaptive mode from the option, you would be asked whether to rotate your device screen or not and it’s now you own decision to chose whether to rotate it or leave it the way it’s.

Screen Rotation Control

Just like the previous on screen rotation for Android devices, screen rotation control enables you to coerce your device screen to display according to your wish which could either be in landscape mode, portrait mode, reverse portrait mode and reverse landscape mode. The quality of this app is that is that you can force the screen of your device to rotate the exact way you want it to be.

Ultimate Rotation Control

This on screen rotation is difference from the previous ones in some essence. Ultimate rotation control has 10 screens which can be controlled manually, where user can easily rotate their device screen to a certain degree and as well able to fix the orientation at the same time. Other settings include pop-up, notification and the customer settings to suit your need.

Finally, I solemnly believed that there is no alternative to the best but when there is no option, we rather go for alternative. Without mincing words, if you are getting frustrated about your Android screen rotation, then these are the right apps that can make life easy for you with on screen rotation.

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