Moto X style and Moto X 2nd gen received Android Marshmallow update following the taken over of Motorola by Lenovo. The new Moto X style Motorola flagship smartphone gets the Android Marshmallow update after few month of release.

The Android Marshmallow update was not only rolled out Moto X style alone. It was also rolled out to Moto X 2nd generation. The company have started rolling various OS update to its device including those that worth getting Android Lollipop update in the past few weeks.

Moto X style and Moto X 2nd Gen

Currently, the Android Marshmallow update for Moto X style and Moto X 2nd is available in two countries, India and Brazil. The update is currently available OTA for users in these two countries.

The two device were launched in sequence. Come first Moto X gen. followed by Moto X style. It is quite great for such update for both Moto X style and Moto X 2nd gen. to get Android Marshmallow update.

Few of the features of Android Marshmallow include:  Doze Mode, App Standby, changes to App permissions, App links, Expandable Storage options, Do Not Disturb feature, Moto Assist feature, Attentive display options and several other improvements. And Easter egg game.

How To Update Moto X Style And Moto X 2nd Gen. To Android Marshmallow.

Updating your device to Android Marshmallow OS takes two forms, which are:

If you have got the update notification, follow this direction to flash this new update on your device.

From the notification select ‘Yea I’m in’

The firmware will start to download and once downloaded, click on install

Once you are done installing the new firmware, your phone will auto restart.

And now you Moto X style or Moto X 2nd gen. is Android Marshmallow running device.

If you have not got the update, then there is more to do that to just download and install the new Android M.

Navigate to your device settings and tap the ‘About phone/Tablet’

Select system update and continue from the above steps.

Have you updated your Moto X style or Moto X 2nd Gen., to Android Marshmallow update?