Android Marshmallow update is coming to LG G4 this week and LG G4 will be the first to get the Marshmallow update after the pre-installed one on Nexus 5X and Nexus 5P.

Android Marshmallow update on LG G4

LG has announced that they will start rolling out Android Marshmallow on some of their device starting with LG G4 and they are starting from Poland customers and those in US and Europe will follow immediately.

For the fact that LG has announced that they will start Android Marshmallow update with LG G4 first, they have not officially announced when the update will start coming to either of the mentioned device.

The Android Marshmallow update is not going to be for LG G4 alone as other vibrant variants of LG will as well enjoy the update. LG such as LG V10, LG Flex 2, LG G3 and LG G2 will get the new Google marshmallow update after LG G4.

It is quite obvious that it does not matter who come first but it is centered on who take their customers first. LG has shown that they sincerely put their customers first by rolling out the Android Marshmallow OS to few of their smart devices.

If you are using any of these LG device, you can be rest assured that you will definitely get Android Marshmallow update soon but those that are using LG G4, should start seeing update soon via update notification or better still check for the update manually.

Have you updated your LG G4, LG Flex 2, LG G3 and LG G2 to the latest Android Marshmallow OS?