Lenovo has over time rock mobile sales page with A6000, A6000 plus and K3 note in country like India. And for such a device that sells perfectly well, operating system update won’t take much time like those that does not appeal to users interest.

Android Marshmallow update for Lenovo A6000, A6000 plus and K3 Note

Android Marshmallow was announced 29th Sept., with Google Nexus having the preloaded first. But don’t think Lenovo devices will get the Android Marshmallow update so fast as such as Google announces the new update.

If Lenovo A6000, A6000 plus and K3 Note will get Android Marshmallow update, definitely it will take a while after the official release of Android Marshmallow on Google device.

The rolling out of Android Marshmallow update on Lenovo A6000, A6000 plus and K3 note may take up to 3 month after the official release on Google Nexus device.

But even at that, we are not really sure whether Lenovo A6000 will ever get the Android Marshmallow update directly from the company except users try to flash Custom ROM on the device.

There are few reasons why Android Marshmallow update will not be coming to Lenovo A6000 but chances are that for Lenovo to give a brief overview of the performance of Android Marshmallow on Lenovo A6000.

Lenovo A6000 being a budget device, it might not have the chance to receive Android Marshmallow update, since manufacturers rolls out different brand out always and leave the existing device the way they were so as to get new customers.

But the good news is that, Android being an open natured device, users can easily flash a Custom ROM on it. For instance, if Lenovo failed to roll out Android Marshmallow for Lenovo A6000, user can flash a custom ROM on it, custom ROM like CM13.

Whether Android Marshmallow update will be coming to Lenovo K3 Note, I think that should be official since the K3 note runs the latest Android version preceding Android M. So, K3 users can start to expect Android Marshmallow update as from Q1 2016.

And now that we never can tell whether Android Marshmallow update will be rolling out to Lenovo A6000, that can prompt Lenovo to learn new strategy under Motorola now that Motorola’s team are currently working under them.