Have you got the Android Marshmallow update on your device? And what about the system UI tuner features? In fact, the system UI tuner let you to dig deep into your Android Marshmallow OS and get to know more of your Android Marshmallow OS and the inside out system UI tuner.

System UI tuner bridge the gap between you and your device Android Marshmallow OS. Love to customize your device? Then update your device to Android Marshmallow without regret following expert means.

Here we are digging deep into system UI tuner feature of Android Marshmallow, and we are taking a close look at must not despise part of the features.

Android Marshmallow System UI Tuner From Inside Out.

Before you can enjoy this UI tuner feature, it must be enable and the enablement of this feature is quite easy and straight forward.

Navigate from your device settings and press on the gear button and hold it while pressing it for few seconds, this hidden feature will be unhidden.

Afterward, you can now scroll down and toy around with the new feature in the menu. And if you are satisfied with the pop up warning, then you are good to go otherwise keep off.



Once you got the exact message as shown in the image above, then you are ready to unleash the hidden feature of System UI tuner on your Android Marshmallow device.

1. Quick Settings

Now that you got a new menu, there will be quick settings entry for you to select or tap.

Just tap on any key feature and toggle around with it to place it wherever that pleases you. And the same time, you have the privilege to delete and add any quickstart option of your choice.


2. Status Bar

Next is the list of all iconnotification. Tap to open it and you will see a list of icon that can and will be able to appear on your status bar. You may choose to disable any of icons you don’t want to use for the moment and then reenable it via toggling it.


3. Battery Percentage

This is as exact as it sounds. Once enabled, it will display your battery percentage without the use of any third app. And once is toggled to off, the indication will disappear.


4. Demo Mode

This is one of the features of Android Marshmallow system UI tuner I love. It makes taking screenshot so easy and without any distraction on the shot. When enabled, all icons will be hidden and it will let you go ahead to perform your shot, sounds great and enticing.


Have you played around system UI tuner on your new device running Android Marshmallow new OS? Share your view!