Another great news for AT&T Samsung S6 Active users. Android Marshmallow update is coming to AT&T Samaung S6 Active. Samsung S6 Active, is the most recent and toughest Samsung device.


But, don’t be dumbfounded if this S6 Active could not find its way behind Marshmallow roll out for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.

Samsung device get the Android Marshmallow update over the air a bit later. AT&T Samsung S6 Active being the recent, will receive Android Marshmallow update after its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge .

If you are familiar with how Android device works, you will quite understands that AT&T S6 active really sucks. According to AT&T, the rolling out of Android Marshmallow update to S6 and S6 edge may still take up to 3. Month, and there after, users can start to expect Android Marshmallow update on Samsung S6 Active.

With this and following the release of Google new phone, Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Android Marshmallow update will come before mid of 2016.