Android Marshmallow is new why Android Lollipop is not really new except it current 5.1.1 version. Statistics has shown that Google often release different OS almost every year in the past few year, last year was Android Lollipop and this year, Android Marshmallow is coming to play in so many flagship, starting first with Google LG Nexus 5X and Huawei Nexus 6P.

These two flagships come preloaded with Android Marshmallow while other manufacturers have started rolling out a Beta version of the OS to their device to have a taste and draw contribution from users before they finally roll out the full version of Android Marshmallow.

In case of Android Lollipop, various devices which have started getting Android Lollipop 5.1.1 update. So, here today we are considering what is new in Android Marshmallow that makes the OS a better variants of Google OS.


Different USB Type Called USB Type-C

Before, Google UBS type is always the normal regular USB cable and that has stopped on Android Marshmallow. Comes with the Android Marshmallow device is USB Type-C which will function as a charger to the device and as a way of transferring media from the device to other gadget like PC.

Another thing is that Android 6.0 Marshmallow come with some sort of code updates which will also offer a native support for Type-C UUSB

Google Features On Tap

This is an amazing feature in Marshmallow, when you long press your device home button Google on tap feature will be enabled. And what the feature does is to spy display, and help to bring close to your certain link when your receive any update on your email including links without logging into your email.

Finger Print Security 

Google has integrated another features into ensuring maximum security on your device. With the new security scanner feature, users are able to lock and unlock their device using finger print scanner. At the same time, can be used to make payment for app on Google play store.


I know you will love this feature on Android Marshmallow OS. The Doze features helps to extend your device battery life by porting your device with Android Marshmallow into airplane mode when you are not using it. Even at this, Doze will put an end to all other programs running underneath and only make available for you, notifications, call and message option.

Monitor Device Memory

Without the use of any third party app, user can now identify which app use most of the device memory. With this feature, you can easily identify which app you need to close to extend your battery durability.

Manage Permission

This feature was first seen on Apple, and Google has also took a step further to bring this feature into Android Marshmallow OS. The usefulness of this feature is that users are now privilege to permit device they trust to access there device unlike before when it does goes that way.