Android 6.0 marshmallow is rolling out to various device and non-supported device can enjoy Android Marshmallow update as well with the use of Android Marshmallow wallpaper.

Android Marshmallow wallpaper will make your non supported device look exactly like a device running the real Marshmallow OS. Good enough, Google understood the fact that everybody will want to have a taste of Android Marshmallow OS, and then they chose to launch two best ever wallpaper for non supported device to enjoy the Android 6.0 interface as well.

And here, we have a direct link to download the wallpaper, in the Android Marshmallow wallpaper, there are 9 different wallpapers in it including various ones from Google Earth, a handful landscape alongside flat graphic design.

The purpose of the Android Marshmallow wallpaper arises from Google story on  how the material design came into existence.

The funny part of it is that, the materia design were not made from computer, rather they were crafted from paper and card, ink and pigment before photographed.

Android 6.0 marshmallow wallpaper

To enjoy the new Android 6.0 marshmallow wallpaper, download them and unzip them to your device to start flexing with the wallpaper on your device.

Android 6.0 marshmallow wallpaper

After you have downloaded the wallpapers, just unzip them and copy them to your phone gallery, click on it and use it as your wall paper.

Download Android Marshmallow wallpaper 1

Download Android Marshmallow wallpaper 2

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