We brought good news to Huawei Ascend Y511 users this day that they too can install Android 6.0 Marshmallow on their device by simply dropping the old OS.

The guide to install Android 6.0 marshmallow on Huawei Y511 was sited on xda developer forum using a custom ROM, so note that we are going install Android 6.0 marshmallow on your Huawei Y511 using custom ROM.

The benefits associated with the new Google Android Marshmallow, are very vast but the major ones that caught everybody’s attention include improvement in your device performance and battery metric display.

When talking about Android 6.0 marshmallow improvement features, it is worth noting that Android 6.0 brings quite a reasonable percentage of improvement to your device, say 250% better off the old OS and when it comes to battery performance, the OS can help to boost your device battery life up to addition 90 minutes has claimed by Google.

Before you start to install Android 6.0 marshmallow on your Huawei Y511, endeavour to back it up in case anything goes wrong, in fact to always play safe, do back up your device on a regular basis.

How To Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow On Huawei Y511

We are giving a precise steps you need to follow to install Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Huawei Y511, so endeavour to follow it up with full concentration so that you will not mess things up yourself.

1. Download The Need Custom ROM

We have splitter the custom ROM into three different part, because they are large so, endeavour to download the three files and put them together in a single folder. Now, doubt click on the first ROM and the rest will start opening accordingly.

Note: You need WinRaw to achieve this.

  1. Custom ROM 1
  2. Custom ROM 2
  3. Cuatom ROM 3

2. Download ROM Manager

Visit Google play store on your Huawei Y511 to download ROM manager.

Download and install the ROM manager onthe Huawei Y511 you wanted to install Android Marshmallow on.

3. Download and install Clockworkmod Recovery on your Huawwi Y511

4. Now, connect your Huawei Y511 to your PC using USB and copy the  ROM. zip to your phone memory card.

5. Now, restart your Huawei Y511 in the recovery mode using ROM manager. When you are in the recovery mode, navigate to ROM manager and click on back/restore to back up your device.

6. Still in the recovery mode, erase the entire data including Delvik cahce.

7. Go back to Recovery menu and select flash ROM from SD/memory card and go to the location where you copied ROM.zip to. And follow the on screen direct to install or flash Android 6.0 marshmallow on your Huawei Y511.

8. After the whole thing, restart your Huawei Y511 and your device should start running Android Marshmallow OS instead of Android lollipop.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow update