How Alexa rank increase or decrease is a question bothering me about Alexa rank. The importance of Alexa rank is not just to keep increasing as a result of increment in site visitors or page viewers/viewws.

Over the internet, there are many posts that claimed to teach your how to increase your Alexa rank to attract direct advertisers. Yes, they may be right but, without the trick of installing Alexa rank widget and chrome extension, can you write an episode on how Alexa rank increases?

How to increase Alexa rank

The importance of Alexa rank I know right from time is to proof to direct advertiser that your site really worthy of being advertise on, but that does not mean that your traffic is huge, most especially when you tried to trick advertisers concerning your site Alexa rank.?

Few months ago my site Alexa rank dropped from 150,000 to over 400,000 with daily increment of my site unique visitor and page views.  And that was when this question struck my heart that how does Alexa rank increase?

I have read various post on how to boost Alexa rank of a site but I love uniqueness, so I don’t have to trick advertisers because of money and lost my online reputations.

Physically, the number of people that knows me is limited compared to the number of people we rock the internet together, in that it is quite advisable to stay with those that will lift you above your imagination positively in the field where you belong.

I’m not concluding yet, about how my Alexa rank drops and currently reading over 300,000 as at this moment but the floor is open for public opinion that….?

How fas does your blog Alexa rank increases? Do you trick Alexa by installing Alexa widget and lure your readers to install Alexa chrome extension? Let’s rub mind together on this and please be sincere with yourself.