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Airtel Cheapest Android Plans For Android Users

Airtel data plan has always been the best to use and the fastest internet connection most of time for me. When it comes to thinking on my next subscription, I always think of Airtel first because I know they offer best internet bundle with fast internet connection.

If you are an Android user, you will definitely know how tedious and stressful it is to access the internet unlike blackberry users. Close to the mid of this year, Airtel unveiled their new data plan for Android users but to some Android user it’s too exorbitant and in fact un-affordable.

And if actually, you are an addict when it comes surfing the internet, definitely; you might be prompt to go for the plan but what would 2 GB do for you if you do stay online at all time.

Recently, Airtel has announced another set of cheapest data plans for Android Smartphone users in Nigeria and these plans are indeed the best for now if the truth must be said most especially from Airtel.

Aitel Cheapest data bundle

Airtel Cheapest Internet Data Plan

Here are the Data Bundle Plans for Android Devices to browse till dawn

  1. The first plan offers you a 4GB of data and it only goes for a token of N2000 only. Yes; for just two thousand Naira only. To activate the 4GB plan on your device, follow the steps below.

Recharge a minimum of N2000 on your android phone.

Then dial *437*1# to activate. The money would be deducted and you would be given 4GB of data.

  1. The second plan for android users offers a data of 9GB and goes for a price of only N3500 only. Here is how to activate this affordable android plan on your device.

 Recharge a minimum of N3500 only on your device.

Then dial *438*1# which would deduct the specified amount and get you a 9GB of data.

The validity period for the plan will not exceed 60 days. Simply means that if you have not exhausted your data plan after 60 days, it would be terminated.

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