Let me assumed you have heard about Adblabla, a free advertising platform for all bloggers and website owners, and if you haven’t heard about it, here to today you will read a full Adblabla review and why you should start using it.

As a blogger, many of us do run ads on Facebook, Google, Talooba, etc but the are not free. In fact, during this recession period in Nigeria, running paid adverts isn’t for beginner blogger.

But here is a good news about a free advertisement platform for Nigerians bloggers and website owner. While I was searching for how to run free advertisement in Nigeria, I came across an online platform called Adblabla where you can easily run adverts for free without paying a cent.

All is required of you is to sign up on adblabla, generate your adblabla code, add it to your blog or website and your advert will start running.

Adblabla is one of the list of native advertising platforms where you can advertise for free without pay even a cent in Nigeria.

On adblabla, you adverts will be served for free on more than 2,000 live websites for free in Nigeria for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month, 12 months a year provided you have available credit.

While running a free adverts on adblabla, you only need to earn credit for your ads to stay alive on other blogs. And how do you earn credits on adblabla is one of the questions our adblabla review will provide solution to.

First of the questions that runs through your mind  now is what is adblabla?

Adblabla is the only online platform in Nigeria where you place free advertisement in form of trade by barter. Simply means that, you will display others ads on your blog in form of blog posts while your own ads will be displayed on other blogs or websites which in turn drive tons of traffic to your website or blog for free.

So, it is like an agreement between you, a publisher and Adblabla team. They placed either a banner or content promotion on your website and helps you placed your own content on other blogs as a promotion in return. In fact, it is a win-win battle for users.

Adblabla Review: How to Sign Up for Adblabla for Free.

Adblabla offer both free and paid advertising platform (with just 999 Naira, you can upgrade your free adblabla account to premium and add unlimited number of sites) but what we are interested in is the free platform where you can easily set up your account, login to your adblabla account, and start generating more unique pageviews to your blog.

Below steps is how to sign up for adblabla for free.

1. Visit adblabla sign up page to create your account for new. Fill in your name, email address, choose a unique password, accept terms and condition and click on submit.

Adblabla review

2.  Check your email for verification link and verify your account

Adblabla review 3. You will taken to your dashboard where you are to select your country. From the drop down menu, select Nigeria as your country or country of your choice and click on link now.

adblabla review

4. You have created your adblabla free adverts account for free and you can now proceed to the next step. On your adblabla homepage, you will see the screen below for quality update, you can endeavor to subscribe to sponsor post update.

adblabla review

Adblabal Review: How to Add Your Website to Adblabla

If you have successfully followed the steps above, you would by now have a valid adblabla account and the next thing will be for you to add your website and create your first free advertisement.

1. Login back to your adblabla account and scroll down to the bottom of the page under quick link page.

adblabla review

2. Enter your website or blog name, URL, blog category and then scroll down to save your update.

adblabla review

3. Click on go to step 2 to create your first free ads on adblabla.

adblabla review

You have successfully add your website or blog to adblabla, the next thing now is for us to create our first free advertisement on adblabla.

Adblabla Review: How to Create your First Free Advertisement

In creating your free sponsor post on adblabla, you have two options that you can choose from.

1. The first option lets ads show on your site or blog and it’s called “post widget”

2. The seconds option  is called “banner widget”.

The follow steps will walk you through how to create your first free ads using adblabla free sponsor post feature.

Whether you choose to create post widget or banner widget, the procedure is the same. So feel free to pick your desire ads option.

1. If you have login to adblabla account before, click on Ads placement to initiate your first ads creation.

2. You will be prompt to login to your adblabla account, just enter your login details (username and password)

adblabla review

3. Click on your desire Ads placement, enter your ads name so that you will remember it so fast and select the name of the site you want to add the ads code from the drop down menu and click on save.

adblabla review

4. Copy and paste code to your desire location. Which could either be below your title post or below post.  See sample of my own codes below…

<script data-cfasync=”false” id = “adblablascript” placementID = “1486” src=”https://www.adblabla.com/widgets/content.231221.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>
<div id=”adblablawidgetwidgetcontent-container_1486″></div>

Adblabla Review: How to Earn Adblabla credit

Posting adverts on adblabla is total free but you need to earn credits to be able to stay live on adblabla free advertising network. To earn credit is very simple and this is how.

1. Make sure you placed your Adblabla code to a strategic location where your website visitors will be able to click it (1 adblabla click gives 100 credits)

2. Each impression of your adblabla gives 1 credit

That is all for now on Adblabla review. We will bring the latest to your hearing next time on adblabla network.