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The blogging world keep increasing as the world changes and people changes with the world and the latest development in the world.

thegeekiepedia start as a personal blog  in the middle of JUNE 2013 with ADESANMI ADEDOTUN being the soul Author and the only Admin as the time of writing this about page. Thegeekiepedia came into existence with the aims of sharing some deep knowledge on how to make money online, tech tips and tricks majorly on ‘how to’, internet marketing, making money with AdSense, and some other cool stuffs.


I am ADESANMI ADEDOTUN, a passionate and part-time blogger whose believe goes thus:

I respect individual persanlity and I’m a respected personnel, life don’t treats me the way she likes, I adapt to thing that people called challenge and I learn just great from every challenges.

Blogging as a challenge has taught me so many things during my startup and today, living without been challenged makes me a coward. I love those that put on the light but I passionately hates anyone, whatsoever that causes darkness when not authorized.

I can work seamlessly without profit at a start but start great has a great end. My best companion is my computer, during lecture free, I have fun with my computer and make composition of some great content that easily goes viral even on search engine.

Personally, I’m an educationists in the making,a mechanist, a mathematician, and a certified project manager who is likely to turn internet addict few month from now, I love people telling lies because the truthful way is always at my closet and I’m not scared of what people do to me but I got scared of what their reward would end being after the whole scenario.

Ugggg, but one thing you haven’t had about me…. I’m passionate about loving people, love makes my spirit goes viral and I fly at the speed of light in the presence of love. However, loving isn’t complete without  high financial probability, and thus… I do things as if it is exactly the end of the road.


  1. Hi Adesanmi,

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