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9 Simple Ways To Open Windows 10 OS Control Panel

Windows 10 operating system was a great surprised Windows for user most especially for those that were keenly waiting for Windows 9 operating system after the release of Windows 8 OS. The released of the new Windows 10 OS was like manna from heaven which people were not expecting, nonetheless, windows 10 OS have come and here it’s and thousands of people have been using it but accessing the Windows control panel may not really put smiles on users face. Customizing the windows keyboard, clearing caches, etc isn’t an easy task for some users on Windows 10 at all.

Quite a large number of people have been complaining about this simple because most don’t have the hint or idea on how to open Windows 10 OS control panel unlike the old Windows 7 or Windows 8 as the case may be for those that are familiar with this type of operating system.

The usefulness of Windows control panel cannot be over-emphasized as the basic home for most customization that can be carried out on your PC. If you don’t have any clue on how to access Windows 10 control panel, then customizing the Windows to suite your taste may be a little bit difficult and here in this post; we have keenly take a microscopic look on 9 ways you can follow to access your control panel on Windows 10 operating system.

9 Simple Ways To Open Windows 10 OS Control Panel

9 Simple Ways To Open Windows 10 Operating System Control Panel

Following each of the steps below will grant you direct access to your Windows 10 operating system control panel without any issue or difficulties. And each of the steps is harm free, so be free to use them at will!

Open Control Panel From Start Menu

This is one of the simplest well to open any windows operating system control panel and it’s the most common way most users used. From the start menu, click on the start button or Windows start button on your PC keyboard and type “control panel” as your intend keyword, from the result, click on control panel and you are good to go.

Open Control Panel From Run Command

Everybody can make use of “run” feature on your Windows to search for a certain keyword, so don’t ever think it’s technical. Press and hold Windows + R button simultaneously, type “control panel” and hit the ok button to access your control panel.

Open Control Panel From Command Prompt

This is a little be geeky but all the same, you can use your Windows command prompt to access your computer control panel and it’s very easy and fast. Press and hold Windows + R key simultaneously and type “cmd” in the run box without quote and press the enter key. In the next line, type “Start control” without quote and click enter and you will be taken directly to your Windows 10 operating system control panel

Open Control Panel Using Keyboard

This is the fastest means I so much love and cherish. You don’t just need to rack your brain while doing this; all you just have to do is press the required key and you are done with it. Press “Windows + I” key simultaneously and hit the enter button.

Open Control Panel Via Power User Menu

Some sees this as the fastest means but I still have the preference of the use of keyboard to access control panel over this one. Nonetheless, you can access your Windows 10 operating system control panel via the power menu by clicking on the start icon that can be found on the lowest left side of your desktop and from there, click on control panel.

Open Control Panel Via This PC

Windows OS users might seem to notice this feature on their Windows 10 OS but the fact is that; it can be used to access your new Windows OS control panel. Right on your desktop, click on “This PC” on your desktop and you will be taken directly to your Windows 10 OS control panel.

Open Control Panel Through Windows Personalize Menu

This feature is one of the greatest features on my old Windows 7; using the personalize feature, I can easily change my desktop background and now; on Windows 10 OS, one can easily make use of it to access the control panel directly. Right click on your desktop and scroll down t the personalize option, click on it and on the personalize homepage, hit the control panel button and you are there on your Windows control panel’s page

Create Your Own Control Panel Shortcut

As human, we hate to keep stressing ourselves always. And instead of stressing yourself over an unnecessary thing, you can instead easily go for a way to make things very easy for yourself and that is what is happening under this headline. To create your own control panel, go to your Windows start menu; click on it and type “Control Panel” without quote and from the result, right click on control panel and click on show on desktop drag and drop it on your desktop.

Pin You Control Panel To Your Desktop Taskbar

Using this means also keep you away from unnecessary searching for your control panel most especially when you need it as a matter of urgency. Following either of the steps above to access your Windows 10 operating system control panel and navigate your mouse over the opened windows in your desktop taskbar, right click on it and click on pin to taskbar. And from the pinned control panel windows, you can always click on it to access your windows control panel page.

These are the known method of accessing Windows 10 OS control panel and you can now decide which on to use depending on your choice. Feel free to express yourself in the comment section if there is any other means that can be used to access the newly released Windows 10 control Panel and most especially what you feel about using at least one of this way to access control panel on your newly installed windows 10 operating system…

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