They discover these nine things about Thailand, will leave you with your mouth open! Thailand an exciting culture, formerly called the kingdom of Siam.

Checking in multiple and possible alternative destinations we have to explore the world, we wanted to find one that really bring a little magic Oriental world is very interesting to see how other cultures operate, take life, which is the way they act, to interact with their rulers, gastronomy, idiosyncrasies, customs, way of welcoming travelers, among many other curiosities. In general, this becomes an exciting way to find in our big different wonderful virtues. That is why, we will explore a little about the shocking Thailand.

Its capital is Bangkok and its official language is Thai, have a constitutional monarchy, the king is on the throne since 1949, who is considered a deity, who must keep the respect and carefully, as any gesture can be seen as inappropriate. Likewise, most of the population is Buddhist, have a very strong economy, second only to Indonesia, depending mainly on rice exports and tourism.

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