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6 Top Myth Of Newbie Bloggers In Blog-o-sphere And Expert Solution!

The way blogging is taking its stands as one of the platforms of making money online is at the speed of light even when there are other means that can be used to make money online such as using the power of Facebook to make money online, making money selling your voice, making money writing articles for sale, making money selling other products, making money online via importation business, making money designing T-shirt and so many other means to make money online.

The rate at which the blogging society is growing very fast calls for some attention and what the newly upcoming or recent bloggers might suffer so that they will not quickly conclude that they are going to quit before they start making money from their blogging effort online. To start a blog is very easy but to maintain once standard calls for personal determination and meeting up some blogging demand gradually if not able to hits blogging milestone few months after you started your blogging journey.

I once published an article that gives a correlation between a blogger and a farmer, which is what a newbie blogger should try to read and read again to fully understand what it takes to succeed in blog-o-sphere, otherwise such a blogger might want to believe that making money from blogging is not true or it’s just a scam meanwhile it’s a true statement with more than enough evidences from pro-blogger.

It’s not only pro-bloggers alone that make money online, newbie also do but pro-bloggers understood the myth of blogging, experience being a great teacher is what keep the pro-blogger at the spot where they were. So if you care to overcome your blogging might as a newbie blogger and you will love to know them before you finally quit; then here are some difficulties newbie bloggers faced in blog-o-sphere.

1.  Lack Of Social Status

Social status is what really differentiates a pro-blogger or an expert blogger from a newbie in blog-o-sphere before thinking about the income level. You will discover that when a bloggers who have spent years in blog-o-sphere update their status, it attracts more like, countless number of comments to some extent that next post update clue might resurface from what the blogger’s audience are saying concerning the update. Pro-blogger social status boost their refer traffic more than organic traffic at times.

Blogging Myths

Social network like Facebook, and Twitter is the major source of so many bloggers because they understand their audience and once understood them, they know what their social audience likes, when to publish a post that would attract more share and likes but a newbie blogger surfer this at length for a start.

2. Lack Of Direct Traffic

Traffic is the reason why some bloggers quit their 6 to 9 hours daily job and turned a full time blogging otherwise, it would have being a wind in the sky for such blogger. Getting the right traffic that will convert your effort to income online is not an easy task as it requires your blog reputation, what you have done to help other bloggers in the industry, etc.

As a newbie, getting direct traffic may seems unachievable but virtually everything you can think, you can achieve it if you take a bold and wise move about it. To boost your blog direct traffic, make sure you do the following.

  1. Build your blog reputation first by putting your audience first on your to-do-list
  2. Spread your online folio by visiting other blogs to leave a reasonable comment
  3. Write at least five guest posts per month, and do that for the first three month on your blogging journey before to create awareness about your new blog in the industry.
  4. Join social bookmarking website like Blog engage, etc
  5. Responds to comment on your blog and visit the comment author’s blog to leave a reasonable comment as well.
  6. Choose passion over fashion in your blogging career.

3. SEO myth

SEO is an acronym of search engine optimization and without a sound knowledge of SEO, getting organic traffic is not as easy as you might think because you will have to walk your way out in order to start getting organic traffic. Organic traffic are those visitors that lands on your blog by the virtue of the keyword they search for on search engine such as Google search engine, Yahoo search engine, Bing search engine and so…

What powerful SEO does is that, it reveals your blog post to those that does not know that your blog exist on search engine and it’s linearly depend on the keyword you are targeting and perhaps the region some time.

SEO can be seen from two angles; the On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO but the true SEO sketch starts from choosing the right keyword, using a calling to action post title, usage of keyword perfectly but try to avoid keyword surfing, use a desire permalinks, use canonical feature to avoid search engine duplicate issue, and above all, post consistently and the article must be such a quality content that everybody would love to read.

4. Fan Page Like Problems

Usefulness of Fan page is that it turns your to blogging expert when it comes to the level of audience and when it comes to advertising on your blog. Advertisers believed that the higher the number of fans the higher the reputation. The truth still remains that building a truthful followers is not that easy even your good old friend might choose not to like what you call blogging, and having a loyal reader on your blog can start from your blog fans, so; getting the best out of your Fane page likes can start with the type of content you published on your blog whether it is a freemium post or paid post. Irrespective of your content, you will surely have some likes but might not be as many as expected but overtime, you blog reputation would attract more likes over time.

6. No Paid Post Or Direct Advertiser

Getting a sponsor or paid post or selling an ads space for direct advertisers has a lot to do with your blog reputation, most especially when it comes to it traffic. Nobody love to squander their resources, so as a newbie blogger you will have to worriless when a friend told your they just publish a post on their blog for certain amount because if you make do with building your blog reputation, it’s just a matter of time as you too will start getting a paid post on your blog but you must work on TRAFFIC first, most especially search traffic. Direct advertisers are those that contact you directly requesting for a spot on your blog to display their product and you get paid for the service as simple as that, yet this still depend on your blog traffic, reputation, and your audience. And as newbie blogger, you need to pay attention to what you do if you want to earn from direct advertisers.

6. Low Income

The sole purpose of blogging is to make money it but how easy is that? Despite the fact that there are few many ways to make money from blogging, it’s still a hard-way for some newbie bloggers to make money from this medium. The reason why so many bloggers (Newbies) failed to make money from their blog is not really the issue of traffic but lack of proper monetization. Larger percentage of bloggers only knows about making money from contextual advertisers such Google AdSense etc. But that are few other ways you can make money from with your blog outside AdSense and within few weeks of your journey in blog-o-sphere, you start making money from your blog.

Making money from affiliate is sometimes better than depending on contextual ads sometimes. If a certain affiliate post rank very well on search engine and you were able to convert the post readers to a buyer, you can earn $100 in a week or more. So, don’t just focus on making money from AdSense alone, try something news like making money from affiliate, affiliate really works.

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