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6 Must Have Android Apps For Smartphone Regular Users

The year is running to an end and we are all aspiring for the twilight of another episode of life, just to talk and think of the forthcoming new year; 2015; and what could become of it in the world of technology and what mobile technology and apps developers would again put in place for the betterment of all Android users.

There is no doubt that there  are countless number of Android apps in Google play store which are capable of making life so easy for you and at times can as well be called mobile comforter. Without the laws of generality, Android Smartphone is of different version for different purpose which in the first place depends on developer mindset and the aim of developing such an app.

Since I got my Samsung Galaxy S5, I have been trying so many Android apps on it and to be sincere, it’s a fun having such an awesome machine with Android OS 4.4. There is no doubt or argument that Android OS has the highest number of users. Statistically, as at Oct., 2014, Android has 83.6% users worldwide, followed by Apple iOS with 12.3%, Windows phone 3.8%, and Blackberry 0.7%. With the statistical inference above, it’s seen that the gap between Android OS users and other operating system is very glaring which isn’t competitive and in that wise.

As Android user, you can either be a power user or a regular user. Being a power users means you are so much concern about getting Android app which can at all time make life so lively for you by testing different Android app on your device and wanting to know the primary objective of such Android app but as a regular Android user, you are just satisfied with what you have; you prefer getting apps from friend instead of downloading them yourself and try things out as to whether is what you are looking for.

 If however, you are seeing yourself as a regular user due to your busy schedule, never mind because with the list of these apps, the forthcoming episode of life will definitely be meaningful and productive.


MoboMarket is a Google play store app suit alternative when it comes to downloading any Android app of your choice. Mobomarket as an Android app centre has cool, well organized Android apps which are arranged in categories. As a close substitute for Google Play Store app, Mobomarket has so many features include; Geo-location based content recommendation, Editor Picks and special collection, practical phone management features etc.


Evernote is one of the best apps on my Samsung Galaxy S5 I don’t joke with. It helps me in creating instant memory which can easily be accessed later. As a blogger, getting content idea does not mean I should sit in front of my pc, it could be while walking, during discussion with a friend and when I found out something interested, I quickly open my evernote and create a new note, then save for future use.


Swiftkey Keyboard

Swiftkey keyboard is a better Android keyboard you could ever think off; in fact it’s better than the default Android keyboard on your device. The award winning keyboard app is so smart enough to auto-correct all wrongly spelt words, gives you smart typing, useful emoji and lot more .


If you are a Whatsapp addict and you are not familiar with Telegram, then you are really missing some funs. Although Telegram is not as popular as whatsapp, but to be frank is somehow better off. Some of the amazing feature Telegram include cloud sharing, you can create your Telegram with more than 200 users, sharing valuable items such as picture, document, files in different format, etc.

ES File Xplorer 

If it is not EX file explorer, then it’s not other file manager. EX file explorer is an Android Smartphone file manager that managed all pre-installed apps. Most often, when an app is installed on your Android, it is very hard to find out where the hard copy is hiding but with Ex file explorer, you don’t need to bother yourself search for an apps because all installed, downloaded, received apps will be sectioned according to the source.


Want to create a motion video, then try vine. Vine is an Android app that create and share motion video with your colleagues. Sharing an event at the moment its happening is one of the most exciting things we all love, most especially talking about audio-visual event because its stick to memory faster than any other means. If you love uniqueness, then vine must be your next Android app.

Do you want to suggest any other Android app than can make life richer for Android users, please make use of the contact form or leave a footprint in the comment section!

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