It’s obvious that Smartphone are app power house, they can harbour many apps that suits your need. App for educational purpose, blogging, financial, business, puzzle, and others are what one can enjoy on Smartphone most especially when the device has root access.

How wonder are you when a friend just put a call through on his device making video call such as using apps like imo video chat, Skype for both Smartphone and PC, or making free call on the commonly used Android chat app such as BBM, whatsapp, Lines and the like

As an educationist or student, there are quite a lot of apps for Android user to enhance or facilitate academic performance and make leaning so easy. Irrespective of your reasoning ability, you will still have to consult some textbook either audio or video tutorial to boost your reasoning faculty if you can’t learn under the auspices of a lecturer.

So using some top academic apps can fasten the rate of your understanding and assimilation. Researching on different types of academic app that do make life easy isn’t as easy as we all know, some of these apps promise heaven and earth while reading through there specs right in play store but it ends up disappointing us after downloading it and discovered that it worth nothing but total rubbish.

Nevertheless, to save your precious time of wandering in the play store looking for must have academic apps or apps that are mainly recommended for student, here are the top app for education purpose I first installed on my new Huawei MediaPad T17.0 during the first week of using to fulfil all righteousness of purchasing the device.

Due to individual differences, the list of apps here might not be what you are expecting but they can always bit your imagination on what they offer.

Wikipedia Searching App

Academic apps

As a researcher, you need Wikipedia Android search app to make searching so easy. This app I discovered few days ago and after testing it for like 24 hours, I was highly impressed and concluded that it’s an app for researchers and educationist.

Wikipedia app work is very simple and its user friendly. Unlike searching through the search engine for a specific topic and most of the time, only that shows Wikipedia having the first article or first two articles but on this app, while typing your problem on the Wiki app search box, a list of suggested topic relating to what you typed will display for you to choose from alongside with what you are search for.

After that, and you discover that you are fully satisfied with the result displayed, then you can save the page directly and read later probably when you are done or share it with your friend via any means of your choice such as whatsapp, Email, BBM, Bluetooth etc.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Academic apps

I first discovered this dictionary from my supervisor and I was surprised the way it works. The workability of Merriam-Webster dictionary differs from the entire dictionaries I have been using in the past.

Just like other dictionaries, when you type your vague word, it displays it with full explanation, the pronunciation, audio pronunciation, and the list series of words that are synonymous and anonymous to the search words.

Meaning that, with just a single search you can have access to tens of words that are synonymous to it and more of it that are as well anonymous to the words.

Verdict: As a student, one should be able to at least give two different words that are synonymous and anonymous to each other and that is what Merriam-Webster does and teaches you.

Demerit: It display advert if connected to the internet

PDF Reader/Adobe Reader/Ebook Reader

Academic apps

As a student, I expect you to make use of your Android phone or Smartphone as a reliable alternative to PC if you do not have one.

The easiest way to enjoy reading is to read right at your own appointed time and not while browsing which may end up diverting your attention to like chatting with your colleague on whatsapp, Facebook, Imo (video chat) and things like that.

The entire eBook reader listed above makes reading on Smartphone easy and enjoyable, some with night mode feature, highlight feature, note feature and things like that.

With Adobe reader or any other eBook reader you have on your device, it should serve as a better alternative for you to read on your Android device if you do not have laptop of your own.


Academic apps

This is one of my favourite apps on my new Huawei device. Dropbox is what we are familiar with and it has been in existence for years. This app can save you from heart break when your phone get lost or got formatted or brought down to it factory reset.

Dropbox apps helps to keep your entire file in their database for free by uploading them their and grand you access when needed. Files you can save on Dropbox include pictures, eBooks, apps, etc.

The only thing about Dropbox is that you must first become a registered member before you can use the service and its total free. In the same wise, Dropbox can be used to track a stolen laptop and retrieve it back with spending dines.


Academic apps

This is another powerful app for Smartphone user most especially if you are student, business man, blogger etc that need open opinion, respond to question from around the world, expert solution with experience, meeting an expert in your field and the likes. For this reason, Quora is an interactive search engine with human respond just the way I sees it.

Irrespective of your field, you will always find a way to find Quora useful for your day to day activities and assignment. For instance, if you are given an assignment and  you could not find a valid solution, just head straight to Quora and ask such a question in a section relating to your question, before you know you will receive expert advice and if possible with a cited reference.

The downside of Quora is that you must learn how to be constructive in asking question otherwise responds might not come on time and in case of urgency, tag some expert in that area (work perfect while using the precise section) before asking the question and in less than hour or in some hours you will start seeing expert in taking rolling in to your question and then, here comes the solution to your problem.

Puzzle Game

Academic apps

I know this is going to sound so funny but it is a must do and it’s my personally recommendation.

All work with play makes Jack a dull boy

This is not the issue of Jack but I would say all work without play makes you a dull persona. Puzzle game is the best way to exercise your brain and it can be brain task as time.  Puzzle game of your choice is ok but I recommended a puzzle game in your field to help tweak your thinking and your imagination about your field of study.

Advisably, don’t just go for any puzzle game if you can’t find any reasonable one in your field; rather lay your hand on games like Scrabble, Chess etc.

These are games played by expert in financial and business industry and it’s going to be useful for you even when you don’t think of it. Like Scrabble, it will make you familiar with the use of dictionary words and understand the meaning (word construction) and Chess will always prepare you to be at alert on whatever you find yourself doing.

The aforementioned Smartphone apps are what I cannot do without on my device and they should as well be useful for you if you try them. Perhaps, there one or two academic apps that you value so much but can’t find here, please let us know via the comment section and see if we can include it in the list.