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5 Ways To Print Document Directly From Your Mobile, Android Inclusive

Do you know you can print document directly from your mobile? Although this seems impossible but with technology is saying, printing your pictures, document, etc directly from mobile is no longer implausible. One of the best and fastest ways to take pictures this day is with your mobile device but how do you print it without connecting it to your laptop computer or desktop computer? There are renowned ways you can follow to print your document on mobile without your laptop or desktop even over Wi-Fi.

With the rise of mobile devices, people are no longer restricted to printing from their laptops or desktop computer only. There so many handy apps with great features that allows users to print directly from their mobile device at the point of need.

Mobile printer

Print Central Pro

This is a printing app for iPhone/iPad users with the simplicity or printing over wireless printer without necessarily need to bother yourself about searching for where to print and how long that would cost you. Print Central pro is a paid iPhone/iPad apps which cost just $4.99 with so many features, checkout some of its features below.

  • Ability to convert web pages, office documents, emails, attachments and more into PDF file
  • Print remotely over 3G/4G networks
  • View and print Microsoft Office documents, web pages, emails and attachments
  • View document as portrait, landscape or full screen
  • Print contacts, either as a combined list or card layout
  • Choose multiple photos from albums and print more than one at a time.

Epson iPrint

Epson mobile printer is a free mobile printer that gives a convenient ways for mobile users to print to their Epson printers over Wi-Fi with cool and awesome features and it’s compatible with Android devices and Apple devices, which include;

  • Print and scan to any email-enabled Epson printer from anywhere in the world
  • Print Microsoft Word documents, Excel, PDF files and photos
  • Compatible with Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive
  • User can check a printer’s status and the printer ink levels.

HP All-In-One Printer Remote

This is for HP printer fan to directly print form their mobile over HP printer. All in one printer remote allows users to print to HP web-enabled printer from their devices and compatible with Apple, Android, Windows 8 and Kindle fire with so many features such as;

  • Creating high quality scans of pictures taken with the device’s camera and save them ass PDF FILES.
  • Take a picture of a document and then convert it into a PDF.
  • Access cloud storage sites such as iCloud, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive.
  • Its enable users to print Microsoft Office documents, photos, web-pages, email, attachments, and PDF files from anywhere with an internet connection

Lexmark Mobile Printing

Lexmark Mobile printer is free mobile printer app which was purposely designed for Smartphone users with Lexmark printers and it works with Apple and Android devices. Some of Lexmark mobile printing includes;

  • Print PDF documents
  • Select the number of copies and sides per page from the device
  • Print photos in JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, and TIFF format
  • Its can connect with a printer over a network using a QR code or by manually inputting the printer’s IP address, hostname or URL.

Samsung Mobile Print

This is a mobile printer majorly for Samsung users. Samsung mobile print app is a mobile printing app for Samsung laser printer users. It’s compatible with Android, Apple and Samsung mobile devices. Some of Samsung Mobile print includes;

  • Print to almost any Samsung laser printer
  • Tap to crop or rotate before printing
  • Connect with Google Drive, DropBox, Evernote, OneDrive, Facebook,etc.
  • Scan images and save them as a PDF, JPG or PNG

Do you know of any other better mobile printing app? Please share your favourite mobile printing apps in the comment section below.

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