If you are battling with slow running smartphone, chances are that for you to be searching for a way to make it super fast. With tons of smartphone apps available for any smartphone, your smartphone have a better chance of becoming slow and start crawling like a snail.

If you don’t take care of your smartphone, you will find out that it will start hanging as if it is virus inclined meanwhile, it is not.

Experience low running smartphone and you are looking for a better way to make it run fast even with 512MB RAM, congratulations to you today, this post will take you by hand on what you can do to bring your smartphone back to like.

But don’t forget that these gadgets are like human being, they to get whirled, so when it happens it might go beyond revival from its slowness. So, let get started on how to make your Android smartphone running fast with tons of app.


1. Move All Apps Into MicroSD

If you are an addict smartphone users, you will definitely have tens if not hundreds of apps running on your smartphone. The only way to achieve your aim of freeing more space and making it running at the speed of light just like new one is to move all the apps you have on your device from device memory to MicroSD.

If the MicroSD that comes with your smartphone is limited in space, there is no harm in that. Just get a new and better one that will contain your apps when you move them to the external memory. Doing this will grant your device harmony with it running capabilities.

2. Clear Mobile Caches Always

This is very important if you truly want to start making your smart phone responding quickly. When an app is open, cahces are created and these caches are stored as residue so you need to clear them in order to create more space on your phone, if perhaps for another app that you will be opening later.

Caches on your phone may not be directly physical to your eyes just like installed apps, but they too occupied some spaces and they may start causing your smartphone to responding slowly to it calls.

3. Uninstall Unused And Irrelevant Apps

It is quite obvious that not all apps on your device are relevant and usable. Take for instance, I have flash share and xender on my phone. Like they do say, its a rhetoric app, the two perform the same function so why bothering myself iinstaling different apps performing the same task? To give my device memory a helping hand, I have to uninstall one of the two to create more available space on my device, either on internal storage or external storage.

By uninstalling unused app or irrelevant app, your can bring your device back to it normal self after years of slowness.

4. Back Up Your Photos And Videos To Online Storage

Only few of us remember to do this once in a while. If you are picture and video freak, I bet you, you will have tons of them in this 3D age. So instead of keeping them on your smartphone, endeavour to upload them to online storage such as Google Drive and the likes. The service is total free for you.

5. Set Up Wireless StorageĀ 

I think you have heard about synchronizing your smartphone with your PC. Same thing goes with wireless storage set up. All you just have to do is create a space on PC and backup your device directly from your smartphone to your PC wirelessly. It is very easy to do and doing this will keep your smartphone running fast.

If you want to keep your device fast and free up some space on it, you need to follow up this tip, it is easy to do.