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5 iPhone 6 Must Have Apps

iPhone 6 is the most recent and demanding mobile brand in the mobile world this day; as a matter of sincerity, the newly released iPhone 6 is indeed a machine. If you are an Apple fan, you must have gone a long way to know what it entails in the newly released iPhone 6 despite the fact that many iPhone users complained that the new device got bend while in pocket but nonetheless, there is a solution to bend iPhone 6.

Even after this iPhone 6 disadvantage there is still a high demand for this wonderful mobile brand from apple. There are more than a lot to learn in the newly released iPhone 6; many iDevice users have sold off their old iPhone 5 for iPhone 6, rumour revealed that some even sold their properties for the sake of this iPhone 6 which invariably means that iDevice fan are desperately in love this new device but the standard is yet undetermined by some users or let me say novice users.

Hardly would you know of any person that is Smartphone addict that doesn’t have some special apps on their phone since mobile apps has become another extension of human life to stay connected with friends and family and the same time stay organized and be conscious of whatever they love doing. So with that in mind that you know of some special apps than can be of great important on any Smart-device, here are the top and recommended iPhone 6 must have app.

Awesome Note 

Taking a microscopic research on all the available apps in Apple store, you will discover that Awesome note is one of the most productive apps in the store. Talking about simplicity, awesome note is one to think about on this platform and at the same time enable users to manage and oorganize their schedule task or appointment with ease.

If you want to go extra mile in organizing your to do list, Awesome note as well offer alerts, a customizable one that will surely suites your need, featuring a well organised calenda and it is compatible with Evernote app in the same wise


Online game is one of the best ways to catch fun online outside social networking and with iPhone 6, this right has keenly attracted the mind of Apple developer. The sudden rise of the so called free slots app cannot be over-emphasized and with Slotomania, iPhone 6 users can as well be part of the uncommon gaming fun, trilling and the interactive entertainment experienced. Slotomania gives an instant access to users and it is very easy to access.


This is not a free app. Although, there is what I termed trial version as this will not grant you full access to the service unless you subscribe to have right to gain the full access to the app full service. Security measure is one of the attribute of life I have special respect for and with Dashlane, your iPhone 6 is secure; dashlane is more or less a password manager which will enable you to set a strong and probably unbreakable password with multi-character password via the app interface.


Dropbox is a popular platform where you can save media directly from your phone to dropbox server. Dropbx is a free app for iPhone 6 devices which has in few time become the most popular file sharing tools. Dropbox can be integrated with tens of similar apps and service which also offers you the chance of controlling your documents. Once connected, dropbox app will auto-synch your media to your online account once logged in or connected.


Another free to use application, EasilyDo is one of the most popular tools on the iPhone 5S and iPhone6. It can be quickly and easily synced with your email and multiple social media accounts, before automating tasks and updates according to your instructions. Suitable for both marketers and personal users, it can serve as a one stop storage facility for your data and digital contact information.

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    This is really a great list of iPhone 6 apps. Found some new apps and know detail about their features and functions.

    Thanks for sharing the nice list.

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