Old Android phone is very common this day as a result of newly innovated ones with latest OS. Instead of selling your old phone at a very cheap rate which will end up not earning you up to 30% of the official cost price then you should think of what you can do your old Android phone.

Selling your gadget might not really work for you,like myself I don’t  like selling my stuff and since it’s what I really don’t like doing,  then I think of what I do with them if I can’t give them out or keep them in my cupboard.

Although gadgets like old Android phone can start up a museum but there are few other things I can do with such an Android device. However, I’m sharing with your 5 importance of Old Android phone that will be of more benefits than selling it as you might have thought.

1. WiFi Live Stream Camera

Instead of buying a security camera, you can turn your old Android phone into a security camera that gives you an overview of an entire event taking place in your room. As a monitoring agent, can be use to watch over your kids/baby, use a surveillance around a specific area in your house.

Using Android Camera Stream apps, you can stream live feed on your browser. You don’t need much to do with this app, once installed the configuration is quite easy.
Once this app has been installed on your old Android phone, run it and place it where you was to capture and you are good to go.

2. Photo Frame

Not the entire old Android phone can perform this feature perfectly, but if your old Android phone is a tablet device, then this option alone might stopped you from selling your old device. all you have to do is to load your photos on your old Android phone SD and begin to stream using photo frame slideshow app.

The only thing that might cost you cent here is if the need to purchase a frame stand arise for the Android phone but outside this, you have successfully turned your old Android phone into a photo album with slide show.

3. Media House

If you are not found of watching film like others or you don’t just have specific time you can spend with your TV, then here is your favorite app that can easily turn your Android phone into a media stream house. All you have to do is make sure the files or video are hosted right on your personal computer and then view it directly on your abandoned Android phone.

4. As A Remote Control

This is one thing technology has brought to us. Sure, you can do things on a sit,turning your TV from one station to another with a click on your remote.Instead of selling your old Android phone at a very cheap prize that doesn’t worth it, you can easily turn it into a perfect Asmart remote control for all kind of devices starting from TV, air conditioner, setup box, DVD player, streaming box etc.

5. Car Multimedia House and Navigation

Most cars this day has Bluetooth connectivity that let you make use of any Bluetooth device of your choice. And here is the game, you can easily tune your old Android phone into a navigating machine or a guide that drive you through a desert you have not been to before as long as there is internet connection.

At the same time,you can turn you old Android phone into a media house in your car instead of buying a car tape to make life sweeter than any other thing. There are a lot of apps that can do this without spending dime.

These are few of the things you can do with old Android phone and what can you say about this? Is there any other favorite stuff you do with you old Android phone? Kindly share it with us in the comment section and let see your own view.