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Best 5 Free Antivirus Programs For Now

Talking about Antivirus program for your computer is an important way to keep your computer up doing even after using free program to cleaning up your computer or defragments it as the case may. In the world of free Antivirus, there are quite reasonable numbers of free Antivirus that you can always put your trust on.

Over the years, I have used series of Antivirus both paid and free to know which is best to use and recommend for people who need to know the best Antivirus and to as well be able to convince new PC users on the best Antivirus program they can make use.

I know and quite understood that due to individual difference, I may not be able to include your Favourite Antivirus program in the best top 5 here and that does not mean it does not worth consider, however, I will only be highlighting those I know and can vow for at all time. The usefulness of Antivirus is to keep your computer free of any form of a computer virus. Just a program to remove an unwanted program on your computer and that should sounds to you how important it’s to have an active Antivirus whether it free Antivirus or paid one. Nevertheless, here are the best 5 free Antivirus for now.

Free Antivirus

Best 5 Free Antivirus Program For Now

There are countless numbers of free Antivirus programs you can think about or know off but with these 5, you probably won’t search for any other types.

AVG Free Antivirus  

When we discussed best computer program to keep your computer clean, we make mention of AVG and that is to tell you the importance of having AVG as either a defragments program or Antivirus program on your computer. To be candid, AVG free antivirus is probably the most viable and most used free Antivirus program with great antivirus and antispyware protection against any virus. Many at time, with the use of AVG free antivirus, you don’t need to be too conscious of any webpage as the program will auto-blocked any unwanted web-page let alone unwanted program coming from an external device such as flash drive.

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast free Antivirus is my current computer antivirus program as of today. Taking a close look at this antivirus, there seems to be something similar between it and AVG free Antivirus and in fact, the two are great competitors. Just in addition to normal antivirus program, Avast free antivirus has P2P and IM to further tighten your computer security against any form of virus.

Anti Vir Free Antivirus 

This Antivirus is not really popular like Avast and Avg but the fact is; it’s gradually gaining the support of many users this day most especially from those that has a low computer RAM. Anti Vir is at least 20% faster than most other antivirus and it won’t slow down your computer like most other Antivirus does. If you aren’t in love with the first two, definitely Anti Vir must be your next option if you don’t want to further thinking of upgrading your computer RAM.

Bitdefender Free Antivirus 

Bitdefender free antivirus provides the same basic virus and spyware scanning like other free antivirus programs and it adds immediate scanning, a skin-able interface and statistical reports which are just user friendly and very easy to analyse.

The reports are always a nice touch, because some people want to know everything that is going on with their computer, and with bitdefender; you are just a step closer.


Comodo is another types of free Antivirus that is gaining its ground in the world of fighting against virus programs this day. Comodo free antivirus offers the basis and normal free antivirus program with user friendly and user friendly interface with small memory footprint which give you chance to do so many others things while install on your computer.

Do you have any addition to these 5 best free antivirus program? Kindly make use of the comment section and we would audit it and see if it meet up the standard and it would be added if it does.

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    This is really a great list of free antivirus. We must use antivirus to protect our PC. At first, I used Avast Free version and it really works better. Now, from the last 3 years, I used Norton Premium Version to protect my PC and it’s really works better and protect my investment.

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