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5 Best Online Backup service And Their Plans

Online backup which is also known as cloud storage has no definite difference from normal traditional backup using software except its advantages but it is just that while using online backup service, your files are being stored over the internet for maximum security which is securely stored on a specially made server for storing files online with utmost professional data centre.

With online backup service, your documents are safe from theft, fire disaster and free from other household accident that may occur in time not specified. Viewing online backup from the perspective of the number of online backup service, there are hundreds of online services that enables you to backup your document/pictures/software/files/receipt/etc online.

Some render the service for free while some only required a token to be able to grant you unlimited storage space and not that; not all free service really worth it and it’s what you spend your money on that really worth it many at time. However, in this online backup review, we are reviewing the most viable online backup services for storing your data and stop worrying about keeping it at home.



With just $5 per month on Blackblaze online backup service you can store almost everything in your household online if there is chance of doing that. With that amount, your backup storage is virtually unlimited which implies that you can store up to 100GB worth of backup on their server.

To minimize the cost of your monthly payment if you can endeavour to make payment for two years service, the price per month will be narrowed down to $3.96/month instead of the normal $5/month.


CrashPlan is a bit costlier than Blackblaze when it comes to monthly fee. Using CrashPlan as your online cloud service with just $5.99/month could end up being the best memory you will be having for the time being. The online backup site interface and the features like continuous backup, 448-bit encryption which places it ahead of BANK encryption service, and restore feature makes it an excellent online backup service.

CrashPlan cloud storage plan is of two version; one for unlimited while the other one is called family unlimited. The normal crashplan unlimited cost $5.99/moth while the second plan cost $13.99/month, both will unlimited service. The only difference between the two services is that online personal crashplan, you can only store data from a single computer while on the other plan, you can store data from up to 10 different computer still using the same account.

SOS Online Backup

Talk and thinking about the leading online backup service, their you find SOS online backup. For couple of reasons, you can’t overlook the power of SOS cloud service throughout the internet. They offer more than a plan and both plans offer unlimited online storage data base for users, unlimited versioning, support external and network drive with affordable price.

The first plan goes for $79.99/year and it is called SOS personal cloud 1 with unlimited online backup data space. The second plan is called SOS cloud 5 for $399.95/year which also offer unlimited data storage space but can store data from up to five different computers using the same account.


Livedrive is another awesome online backup service that offers three different plans with interesting features. The cost of either plans are affordable compared to their service plan.

Livedrive offers backup, pro suite and briefcase all good for online backup service with virtually unlimited disc space for your data. The first plan “Backup” cost $8/moth with unlimited data storage service but can only be used on a single computer while the “Suite Pro” service cost $25/month with unlimited data storage space and can be used to backup to 5 computers still with the same account. The Suite Pro backup comes with a free third plan which is “Briefcase”. When you purchase the Suite Pro backup service, you will be given additional 5 TB of the briefcase plan while the Briefcase plane goes for $16/month.


Mozy online cloud storage works just like any other online backup services. All you need to do before start using the Mozy online backup service is to in the first place download and install Mozy backup software on your machine and the backing up process of your data will be done via the underground procedure. Although the backup service render here is not unlimited but you can have free account for a start before going for paid plans. Mozy cloud storage offers two plans. The first one is called MozyHome and its only cost $5.99/month for 50GB data storage space for a single computer while with other plan that cost $9.99, you account will be allocated 125GB and can be used to backup data from three different computers still on the same account.


Number of online backup service are virtually unlimited but thinking and finding the best could be the only problem, however; these ones here are tested and trusted online backup service from different users and you too can become part of the testimony.

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  1. Beyond differences in pricing, it is important for users to first assess what kinds of services they really need before choosing a backup to work with. This way, you get what you pay for and do not spend on things you cannot use at all.

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