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How to Redirect Error 404 File Not Found in WordPress

This was practically a headache for me when one of my most performing post was returning error 404 file not found when I was trying to revamp most of my post. In fact I mistakenly deleted it permanently. Yet this post was on first Google page second post.

Then I know what it means to have tons of error 404 file not found on a site. In fact for couple of weeks the top performing post on this blog was homepage error 404.

Error 404 file not found

As an upcoming programmer I found it extremely difficult to redirect the post with code .htaccess and of course I wouldn’t want to joke with it.

In fact all the plugin I came across were talking about redirecting either a version of your blog to another version that is from www to non-www.

Which I however don’t want to do. And not to loose so much traffic I had to publish a post on that same keyword so that I can redirect the 404 file not found to the new post created to retain the traffic coming to that post.

Hurray I said the moment it happens….

And the traffic is back and this blog error 404 to the homepage reduced. This is doesn’t mean there are no more error 404 coming to the homepage though but the said post still brings back its traffic but to the new post created to replaced the one deleted.

However, here in this post I will sincerely share with you how I was able to redirect the 404 error not found to the new post.

Stay tune….

How to Redirect Error 404 File Not Found in WordPress

404 error is a common problem in blogosphere most often resulted from change of permalink or change of post directory. In actual sense this doesn’t hurt blog SEO but it leads to poor user experience. If as a result of this users bounce back the moment they lands on error 404 page on your blog you sincerely need an appealing approach to retain them other wise they will hit the back button.

Nevertheless, the smartest way to retain users on 404 page is via a link to your homepage or auto-redirect the concerned page to an active page. However this can be done with few lines of code within your .htaccess or with plugin.

Articulately, we will make use of a plugin to help revamp your page or post error to a working page with a redirection.

What is a blog URL redirection?

Different webmasters with different definition for URL redirection and at the end they send the same message to the visitor.

However, a URL redirection is a way in which an old URL such as to a post, a page or even a domain name is redirected to another one as a result of the URL being broken or change of domain name.

Take for instance, when you visit and it takes you to Meaning that the other variant of wikipedia domain is redirected to the main one.

In most cases not only a broken URL is redirected to an active one. But to for the case of more traffic most webmasters do redirect variants of the main URL.

However same thing can be done to blog contents. When one thinks it needs a brand name that can easily be remember by visitors then you may have to redirect your old domain to the new one.

But for most post, redirection occurs when a broken link is recorded. Most broken link can be redirected to homepage or active page of similar content over till.

It’s as a result of broken link that brings about 404 error file not found on this server.  So, if you have encountered series of 404 error in the past or you are battling with 404 error here is a quick solution.

Meanwhile if you are using yoast SEO premium plugin it’s easy to redirect one page to the other. But for a free users the feature is disabled.

How to Resolve Error 404 File Not Found on WordPress

There is nothing tactical in setting up a proper redirection for either a page or broken link to an active page. With this guide you should be able to redirect any broken link to an active page to reduce your blog error 404.

1. Download, install and activate redirection plugin for wordpress or search for it via add plugin in your wordpress dashboard.

2. Go to your wordpress dashboard and click on tools and then on redirection to proceed to redirection plugin’s  set up page.

error 404 file not found

3. You need to create a group for your 404 redirection. This is advisable in case you need to create multiple redirection for different broken links.

error 404 file not found

4. Under add group to make to select wordpress from the drop down (You may also select Apache or Ngnix) but let’s stick to wordpress.

error 404 file not found


4. Then click on redirect and copy the old URL to source URL position and new URL to target position. After that click on redirect to effect the 404 error file not found page to the new URL.

error 404 file not found

Note: Leave other things as they are…

5. You are done. To verify whether you have successfully redirected the error page to the active page kindly visit the old URL and see where its redirected to.

404 error file not found

Error 404 doesn’t hurt a site SEO but ti gives gives users bad impression about your site. Learn to tackle it 404 error and save your blog from poor users experience.

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