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4 Different Ways To Update All Windows Software Automatically

Virtually all windows software should get update as soon as there is a new feature included by the developer but few out of numerous numbers of windows software has the facility to update themselves. If all software were to be like Google Chrome, things would have been very easy and there would be no need to update your Windows software yourself since they would have the facility that enables them to update themselves to the recent version automatically.

Since most of Windows software lacks automatic update feature, then you may need to update them manually since it cannot be done automatically from the software’s end and if you are using Avast Antivirus, you will notice with this great feature that Avast Anti-virus can be use to update Windows software either by the virtue of automatic or manual depending on your settings.

There are some crucial reasons associated with software new version or update as the case may. The purpose of updating software to the latest version includes;

Introduction of new features

Fixing of bugs if discovered in the previous version

More attention on security reason to fight against spammer

But the most exciting part of them all is to have a software installed on your PC that makes life very easy and convenient for you when it comes to updating to the recent version and I think that is cool enough and will as well give you a stress free since you have more than enough schedule on how to spend your precious time on.

4 Different Ways To Update All Windows Software Automatically

There are various apps that can help to check for your Windows software version but majority of them are paid version. That is, you have to be a premium user before you can enjoy the full benefits of the software, nonetheless; this post will share with you 4 powerful Windows software that can help you search through your Windows apps and tell you the one you need to update and even the one that needed your urgent attention in the same wise.

FileHippo Update Checker

With the flexibility of this software, you no longer need to spend time searching for which of your Windows software is out of date rather, update checker would scan via your PC and compare the version you are having on your Windows to the one online and if outdated, you will be notified and prompt for installation of the newest version.

Update checker is free windows software but it really cool and work like magic when it comes updating windows software without stress. It’s highly guaranteed that update checker won’t slow than your pc since it’s won’t take much of your HHD space.  With just 200KB space on your PC, you can start using Update checker.

Update Notifier 

This windows software work exact as the name sound. All that the software does is that it’ll scan via you installed software and find the one that needs to be updated which will show up in a small window just like a pop-up.


Instead of making an attempt to know which of your software’s is out of date just like normal Antivirus does, the software just scan through your computer and see to which of the installed app is of older version than the existing one on the software official source.

One more important aspect you need to pay attention to include the area of the software that talks about recommendation. While the list of outdated software were been displayed, update notifier will as well go to some extent of recommending some of the software which as a matter of fact need your attention for update.

Secumia PSI  

This is just my favourite software when it comes to updating software on my PC. Secumia PSI does everything without a single interaction from my end. All you need to do to have things done is to install the software and you are good to go. Secumia SPI scan through your computer automatically and get the outdated software updated while you were busy doing something else.

With this background feature of Secumia PSI, it makes it more useful when compare to some others even the so called paid ones.

Software Update Monitor

Software update monitor is all about drag and drop process and with that you are done without much ado. After installing your software, to check whether it’s out of date or not, just drag and drop your software and the software will see to it whether its needs to be updated or not.

On software update monitor, you can choose to scan manually, add various apps, removed after added, ignore update available and as well get direct update from a single interface. Which software updater are you currently using to help update your windows’ software automatically or are you updating them manually? If yes, why do you choose that and if NO, which software updater really works for you?

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