We bring you four exciting trips more fun family “The Simpsons” who show us how crazy to travel to certain destinations without having the slightest precaution, doing crazy things, creating diplomatic, environmental and even cultural conflicts.

We love this series for more than two decades, also shows us the experience of traveling through many of its chapters, but I can assure you that none of these trips will be normal, quiet and less everyday, here we must die laughing to see how very representative character of social and political life of the countries appear to do unusual things.

We know that everything that happens here is nothing but crazy and imaginative, but for those who are passionate about travel, destinations, hotels, cruises, we did not hesitate a minute to explore these experiences, whether it is to see our favorite trips reflected in parody and laugh a while. We will take stock of the funniest episodes travelers, so you animes, if you’ve missed any case.

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