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After another long search for online YouTube MP3 downloader and YouTube converter here I found 2Conv website. 2 Conv is a two ways YouTube music converter rendering support for Desktop version and online conversion. While searching for websites that support YouTube video conversion using online tools to MP3, MP4, MP4 HD, AVI and AVI HD what I got was 2 Conv to MP3 site.

www.2conv..com is an online video to music conversion website to convert YouTube video to MP3 with a single click online and using Desktop application.

As a matter of fact, 2 Conv for MP3 is one of the few online site to convert YouTube to MP3 that support Desktop app rather than relying only on online MP3 conversion.

The preference of 2Conv centered more on the desktop app to download YouTube video, SoundCloud MP3, Vimeo, Daily Motion and instagram video as MP3, MP4, AVI, FLI, AVI, WMA, WMV etc.

However, here in this post I will share with you how to download YouTube vido as MP3 using 2 Conv online tool as well desktop support software.

How to Convert YouTube to MP Using 2Conv

Here you will get to know how to convert any YouTube video to MP3 using 2 Conv website for free and without registration. Meanwhile, we have a list of websites to convert any YouTube video to MP3 in this article.

The procedure below depict in full how to extract YouTube as a music without losing its audio output quality.

1. Open your browser and visit YouTube video search engine. Search for the video you want to extract its MP3 and copy the video URL.

2Conv YouTube converter to MP3

2. Open a new browser and visit 2 Conv website and paste the YouTube video copied URL into the search box “Enter video link”

2Conv YouTube converter to MP3

3. To Convert your YouTube video as MP3 click on convert (Conversion to MP3 is set as default). But to convert your YouTube video to another audio output click on the drop menu and select your YouTube video to audio output before clicking on convert button.

2Conv YouTube converter to MP3

4. 2Conv online YouTube converter will start converting the YouTube video to the chosen output. Note that this may take a while depending on your internet connection and length of the video.

Once the conversion to MP3 is completed, 2 conv will come up with two option to download your video as MP3. First a direct download link and second, to download using Flvto YouTube downloader (To be consider next). So click on the download button to kick start your MP3 download.

2Conv YouTube converter to MP3

5. The YouTube video will now be downloaded as MP3 in to your download file preset folder.

2Conv YouTube converter to MP3

As simple as that… That is how to use 2 conv website to download YouTube video as MP3 for free and without registration.

How to Convert YouTube to MP3 on Desktop Using 2Conv Flvto YouTube Downloader

The Flvto 2Conv YouTube downloader rendered a handy way to download YouTube video as MP4 as well as MP3 with just a single click alongside some other services like download SoundCloud MP3, Daily Motion video, Instagram video etc. However, in this section we will take a walk on how to download YouTube as MP3 using 2 conv flvto YouTube download on desktop.

1. Download and install flvto YouTube downloader on your desktop. You need an internet connection to complete flvto YouTube downloader installation. At first the software will download around 230kb of the flvto YouTube download software which is around 4MB after which it will complete the download before installation.

2Conv YouTube converter to MP3

2. Copy and paste the YouTube video you want to convert to MP3 in to flvto link box and click on convert. Note, to convert to audio output other than MP3 click on the drop menu to select video output and click on convert.

2Conv YouTube converter to MP3

3. Choose a prefer location from the pop up window. Tick don’t show this window again and click save to effect location change.

2Conv YouTube converter to MP3

4. Your YouTube video will be added to “In progress” section in flvto downloader after which it will start to download as MP3.

2Conv YouTube converter to MP3

Congratulations you have successfully converted your YouTube video to MP3 using 2conv desktop app called flvto downloader for free and without registration.

How to Download YouTube Video As Mp3 Using 2Conv Pops Up

Here is another feature of 2Conv flvto YouTube downloader. The feature offers a stress-free option to download YouTube video in any format of your choice. This feature of 2Conv is extremely easy to use and here is how to using the 2 conv pop up options to download YouTube in order output.

1. Go to YouTube and search for the video you want to download. Flvto will pops up a download option to the right of your windows. Click on the option of your desired video output and click convert.

If you have any issues downloading YouTube videos as MP3 using 2Conv website, and desktop app kindly leave a comment so that we can rub minds together.

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