Whatsapp tips and trick add fun to whatsapp in so many ways. It does not only make you play smart but the trick makes you text the true power of technology. Whatsapp have so many features that one can hardly utilize to the fullest but one thing about this features is that some of them require little trick to put them into action. At this juncture, let me say if you are not using whatsapp or these whatsapp tips and trick, then you are not minimizing cost of your living.

 The mobile chat app does not online save cost of putting call through over your local network but save you the cost of sending audio files, PDF, images via the email and makes it happen right on your whatsapp chat.

Some of these Whatsapp tips and tricks may require you to download additional mobile app to make them function but just note that, the entire whatsapp tips and tricks really worth trying to add more fun to your whatsapp experience.

1.Use WhatsApp Without Any Mobile Number

Previously, we discuss how to use whatsapp without phone number as one of whatsapp tips and tricks and in fact; it’s my favourite whatsapp trick. So, since we have discussed about this before now and you would love to use whatsapp without using phone number, then you can find the post right below.

How To Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number On Android

2. Disable Whatsapp Auto Image Download

I sincerely love this feature on whatsapp but it might be annoying at time when people are just downloading your image on whatsapp or when you discovered that whenever you view your friend profile picture, it auto download the image to your whatsapp folder on your memory card. But now, you now have control over your whatsapp as to how an image is unto downloaded. To put this whatsapp tip and trick into action and stop auto image downloading, then following the illustration below.

Settings—-Chat settings—Media auto-download—Uncheck all

And now, at this point, you will be given three options you are interested in auto-downloading, then select the one that suit your need, most especially that would put an end into auto image download of whatsapp image.

3. Whatsapp Last Seen For Whatsapp

The whatsapp last seen is what you are likely not falling in love with but the feature is really awesome as its enables you to know when last your friend and family last make themselves available  online. Appearing online and not chatting with your friends can cause commotion and to stay away from commotion, you can easily hide your last seen on whatsapp and there would be nobody to query you or why you have not been responding to their chats or whatsoever.

To use this whatsapp trick follow the direction below

  • Click on the three dot at the upper right hand side just above the contact and select settings.

Whatsapp tips and tricks6

  • Select account under the settings

Whatsapp tips and tricks1

  • Under the account section, click on privacy
  • This section contain what people sees about your personal information, and then select last seen.

Whatsapp tips and tricks2

  • After the selection above, a new pop up will display… Just select who sees your last seen and you are good to go.

Whatsapp tips and tricks4

  • This is just the simple step you can follow to hide your last seen on whatsapp.

4. Hide Profile Picture On Whatsapp

This is yet another wonderful trick on whatsapp. This trick let you hide your profile picture or place a restriction on those who can see your picture. You can choose to hide your profile picture on whatsapp which means that none of your friends or contact list would be able to see your profile picture. To do this, follow the step above in whatsapp tricks and tips number (3) and select profile photo instead of last seen.

Whatsapp tips and tricks3

5. Hide Your Status On Whatsapp

This best way to share your feeling with all your whatsapp contact is through your whatsapp status but you won’t be surprise that you can hide the same whatsapp status or restrict the number of those that sees your profile picture. Still leveraging the guide on the procedure provided in whatsapp tricks and tips number three, but this time— select status and choose the option that best suits your need concerning your whatsapp status on the pop up.

6. Share All Types Of File On Whatsapp

Video, audio and images are not what you can only share on whatsapp, you  can also share some prominent files like zip, pdf, apk, exe, rar file extension through whatsapp. Doing this is very simple with the use of Dropbox and Cloudsend app .

To share all types of file extension as one of the amazing whatsapp tips and tricks, then follow the procedure below.

  • Launch the installed Dropbox and Cloudsend above.
  • Launch CloudSend and allow your CloudSend to link to Dropbox.
  • Upload needed file to Cloudsend. Then it will automatically upload the file to your Dropbox Last, share the link copy from Dropboox and share with your friend on whatsapp.

That is how the trick works. This whatsapp tip and trick can be use to send large file to your friend on whatsapp.

7. Use More Than One Whatsapp Account On Your Android

If you have dual SIM then you might really love this whatsapp trick. Conventionally, most people know about how to use single whatsapp on their Android but with this whatsapp trick, you will able to use two whatsapp on your Android if your Android is dual in nature.

To use this whatsapp trick, you need third party app to simplify this process otherwise it might not work as expected on your device. The step by step guide below walk you through how to user more than one whatsapp on your Android with dual SIM.

  • Download and install SwtichMe app from play store. This app simply let you create another whatsapp profile on your smart device where you can simply have different account.
  • Launch SwitchMe app and create your new user profile.
  • Whenever you switch to this profile on your device, you can always use the second SIM which has not been associated to any whatsapp account.

8. Restore Deleted Message On Whatsapp

Due to one reason or the other, you might mistakenly delete your whatsapp chat message most especially when you encounter some system error or when you reset your whatsapp to factory reset. Once this happened it might seem impossible to retrieve again but this section of whatsapp tips and tricks will show you the simple procedure to recover all your deleted whatapp message.

Whatsapp tips and tricks8

If you are using external MicroSD, your device will auto create a whatsapp folder and if it’s your device internal memory, it’ll as well create a whatsapp folder so on this folder, you can retrieve all deleted message on whatsapp.

  • Navigate to your MicroSD on your phone
  • Locate your whatsapp folder
  • Find the database of your whatsapp inside whatsapp folder
  • Locate db.crypt (this is your db file section that contains both your sent and receive for number of days)
  • Open the file using text editor to view all your deleted message

9. Whatsapp Trick Let You Change Your Friend Profile Picture

This whatsapp trick is very funny to be frank. Without having to access my friend phone, I can easily change his whatsapp profile picture. Although isn’t conventional anyway but you can start to have fun with your friend from this juncture by playing around with his profile picture and change it from your end.

Please note that we are not revealing this certain whatsapp trick and tip for negative intention but a better way to start having fun with your folks.

  • Download the funny picture you intend to use on your friend profile picture
  • Resize the select picture into square, precisely, 561 x 561 pixel and save it with your friend phone number you know he or she uses as his or her whatsapp number
  • Save the image on your whatsapp folder inside your MircoSD [Overwrite the existing one if any].
  • To now have fun with you friend, share his newly updated whatsapp profile picture with him or her and let the fun continue

NB: This must be done with internet connection

10. Findout Your Whatsapp Account Stats

If you are chronic whatsapp user then, you need to have the sense of your whatsapp stats. The simplicity of this whatsapp trick is that you will be able to know whom you most have conversation with on whatsapp, the day you spend most of your time on whatsapp so far and the exact time your often discuss with and send message to.

To know the exact number of message you have sent, receive, media bytes you have sent and receive and the like, click on settings—account—network usage and there you go.

To monitor your whatsapp stats, download the whatsapp stats counter and see the good work of using whatsapp tips and trick here.

11. Delete Your Whatsapp Account

I know you don’t want to delete your whatsapp account but it’s a wonderful trick on whatsapp. Some started using whatsapp overtime, and then choose not to have interest in it again, so with this trick in mind you can easily deleted your whatsapp account and none of your friend will be able to sight you again on whatsapp unless to decided to join the social network again.

The problem with whatsapp is that even when you uninstall the app, you friend will still have you on their list as an active whatsapp user meanwhile you are no longer using it again, so the best way to avoid argument from your friends and family that you are still a whatsapp user is to permanently delete your whatsapp account totally.

  • Click on the three dot at the top right hand side of your whatsapp and hit the settings button
  • Click on the account menu and select delete account below change number
  • Enter your registered phone number and click on the delete my account button

NB: This process is irrevocable, once you click on the delete button, you cannot reverse the process again except you quickly put your device into offline mode.

12. Spy Your Friend Whatsapp Account Using Whatsapp Trick

Keeping an eye on your whatsapp account might be one of your favourite whatsapp tricks to be shared with you today in this post. Perhaps you love to spy your spouse whatsapp account, what they spend their time doing on whatsapp, who they chat with most of the time and what they really talked about.

Download and install spymaster pro (paid app) and you will be granted the access to be able to track and read of your whatsapp friends without their knowledge. Who they share their photo with, the type of video they share and the like!

NB: Please don’t use this whatsapp trick and tip if you cannot control your emotion

These whatsapp trips and tricks are at this point still universal and you are free to make use of it at your own convenience. Addendum, please do not hesitate to share your own favourite whatsapp trick and tip that you highly enjoy while having fun with your friends and family.