10YouTube: Magical Way to Download YouTube videos as MP3 & MP4

10YouTube is a stand alone website like ssYouTube, GenYouTube,YouTubeRepeater etc to download YouTube video adding 10 to YouTube video URL and convert YouTube video to MP3.

No doubt that YouTube is the best videos or movies search engine where users can search and download YouTube video for free and even without registration. Meanwhile, there are few trustworthy YouTube downloader to grab YouTube video but with the help YouTube URL trick such as adding 10, ss, gen etc to YouTube video to become something like https://www.10youtube.com/watch?v=1jeflDYebLo, https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=1jeflDYebLo, https://www.genyoutube.com/watch?v=1jeflDYebLo it is now very easy to download unrestricted videos from YouTube.

In essence you can trick YouTube video  URL to redirect you to another stand alone website to download your desired video as MP4, MP3, WMA, FLI,etc with just a single click.

However, if you are having a hard time downloading videos from YouTube without video downloader and would love to use video URL trick on YouTube here is a post for you.

What is 10YouTube?

When I first started to use 10 YouTube I called it ssYouTube, GenYouTube and RepeaterYouTube alternative and indeed the conclusion was right. Having multiple source that can easily replicate YouTube downloader on both your Android and PC is a commendable move.

However, 10 YouTube makes it more less complicated to download either MP3 or video from YouTube video search engine.

However, 10YouTube is a stand alone website that serves as YouTube video downloader adding only 10 to the video URL e.g www.10youtube.com/watch instead of www.youtube.com/watch as trick to trigger a download button to the video.

And here in this post you will get to know more on how to download YouTube video using the 10 trick on YouTube video.

How to Download YouTube Videos Using 10YouTube

This is actually what you have been expecting right? Well, let get down to the real deal and show to you how to use 10 YouTube as YouTube downloader online.

1. You may want to visit YouTube to search for the video you want to download and then copy the video URL from the address bar or right click on the video to grab the URL.



2. Open a new window on your browser and visit 10 YouTube site and paste the copied video URL in to the search box and then hits the enter button on your PC or the search button on the site.


3. 10YouTube stand alone website will generate a download button to the right side to choose your video output from, different format you can download the video from below with download button in front and a big download button below to download the video on 10 YouTube preset video output while the play now button will start streaming the video below the page.


Once you click the download button you video will be downloaded to your predefined download folder and you can now watch it offline.

How to Download YouTube Video Using 10YouTube on YouTube Site

There are some videos you may want to watch over and over the moment you stumble over it on YouTube but searching for the same video again would give you a lesser chance of getting the exact video due to keyword competition. However, to retain your access to the video is to download the video and save it for offline watch. Note that this does not only save time but also saves you the stress of searching for the video again.

So if there is any YouTube video that you want to download to watch again and not under uploader’s restriction here is how to download it using 10 YouTube URL trick from YouTube.

1. While you are on YouTube playing or watching the video kindly hover your mouse to the address bar and add 10 to the URL like this: https://www.10youtube.com/watch?v=1jeflDYebLo and hits the enter button

2. You will be redirected to 10 YouTube stand alone site with an integrated button to download the video in any format of your choice.


How to Download YouTube Video as MP3 Using 10YouTube

This is yet another feature of 10 YouTube URL download trick. Videos from YouTube can also be download as MP3 following the same procedure with just a different direction on the last move.

If however, you want to convert the video to MP3 you will have to click on MP3 from the list of download options or select MP3 from the download drop menu to start download your video as MP3 which will be saved in your preset download folder as well.


With this you should be able to fully utilize the function of 10YouTube online downloader to download both video and MP3 from YouTube.


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  • January 25, 2017 at 5:40 am

    Hey man totally loved this post….was looking for this thing for a long period of time

  • August 7, 2017 at 7:01 pm

    Hey Geekiepedia, thanks for telling us about 10 Youtube. You saved a lot of people time of using other alternatives like ssYoutube. It is always good to find better ways of doing things online to improve our process mapping. Thank you for sharing your expertise in video downloading with us.

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    it didn’t work site must be shut down

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      Hi Isaac,
      Thanks for the update I’ll check it out


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