There are different cell phone prepaid plans, some are cheap while some are costly. At some point, some cell phone prepaid network carrier plans are of no contract, yet they are the cheap type of prepaid plans you can think and they are best among bests.

Prepaid carrier network for cell phone and plans has to do with sommany things. The service they render may as well contribute to their plans  rate and the number of customers they have as a loyal customer which patronize them often.

There is no alternative to the best, if you really want to choose a prepaid plan for your cell phone, you need some basic understanding about the type of prepaid you think is best for you, the plans whether costly,average or cheap, however, here in this post we have gather the top, best and most recommended prepaid network carrier for cell phone with their plans.

For orderliness, this list of our best prepaid cell phone and plans will be arranged alphabetically.

1. AT&T Prepaid Cell Phone

The AT&T is also called GoPhone. For the past few years, AT&T has simplified their plans to suite their customers and base on that, an average customer can easily understand AT&T prepaid cell phone plans. AT&T is just like Verizon, you can bring your device to AT&T as long as the device support the network.


AT&T Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

  • $30/month – Unlimited talk, unlimited text, no data. Users can buy 100MB of data for $5 if needed. Much like Verizon’s lowest tier, AT&T recommends customers use WiFi Hotspots for personal data useage.
  • $45/month – Unlimited talk, unlimited text, 1.5GB of data. This plan also includes AT&T’s Rollover Data where any data you don’t use gets added to your next month. For instance, if you end the month with 500MB left on your plan, that 500MB will be added to next month’s allotment.
  • $60/month – Unlimited talk, unlimited text, 4GB of data. This plan also includes Rollover Data, unlimited calls and texts to Canada and Mexico. It also supports data roaming to Canada and Mexico.
  • $2/day – Unlimited talk, unlimited text, no data. You can purchase data at $0.01 per 5KB of data. This is likely for folks who are traveling into the US and need a temporary SIM card.
  • $0.10/minute – AT&T also supports the old school “per minute” pay structure. You pay $0.10 per minute, $0.20 per message, and $0.01 per 5KB of data. Frankly, this is a rip-off.
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